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How to get a home loan this year?

With today’s low mortgage rates, many households and individuals want to become homeowners. They will have to present guarantees of professional stability, prudence in the management of their accounts, and if possible have savings. The conditions are strict but everyone has a chance, here are the conditions to obtain a mortgage. When there is only […]

How do you buy back credits?

With the accumulation of your credits, the end of the month is difficult? Would you like to carry out new projects but are you already in debt? We have the solution! Have you ever thought about buying credits? How it works? Good Lenders Finances is here today to explain everything to you.   Why to […]

Can you get a zero rate loan this year?

The PTZ + was launched in April 2009. Its purpose was to allow property buyers to borrow without interest. The state, therefore, assumed the costs of the credit, and individuals could, therefore, buy their main residence at a lower cost. From economic crises to budgetary tightening, access to the zero-rate plus loan has hardened in […]

How to get rid of debts? Advice from banks

Faced with an accumulation of debts, everyday life can quickly become hell. Having a critical financial situation can have consequences on your health: stress, anxiety, etc. Getting debt free quickly is therefore a priority. Before arriving at a situation of over-indebtedness and risking being stuck in the Best Bank, solutions to repay its credits exist. […]

Home loan rate increases slightly

As might be expected, rates did not increase much, 76.6% of mortgage loans granted in November 2019 were below 3.5%. We note, however, that the gap is widening between the nominal rates granted for new and old real estate. The cost of financing has logically increased slightly, although this has not slowed the market, as […]

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