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BASF Agricultural Solutions has delivered on its promise to farmers and the agricultural industry by launching more than 37 new products and programs in 2021. This growth reinforces BASF’s commitment to invest in research and development (R&D) and new tools on the market.

The company introduced 17 new varieties of cotton and soybean seeds, 11 new products and two label extensions, two anniversaries and several new initiatives, including the launch of Teraxxa seed treatment, the introduction of the e3 Sustainable Cotton Grower Fund and the creation of a Soybean Cyst Nematode Awareness Month.

“Through our innovation pipeline and related efforts, BASF is focused on supporting farmers and their needs in a challenging environment,” said Scott Kay, vice president of US Crop, BASF. “We are grateful that 2021 has turned out to be a year of such innovation, in which we have continued to deliver solutions that combine efficient products, new technologies and new services. “

Here are some examples of BASF 2021 innovations and initiatives:

  • Launch of Teraxxa seed treatment, the first and only wireworm control seed treatment for wheat growers
  • Introduction of Sphaerex fungicide, designed to help wheat growers reduce damage from DON
  • Updated label for Provysol fungicide to include reduced preharvest time to seven days for sugar beets, control of powdery mildew in sugar beets, approval for use in the cane furrow at sugar and the addition of fruit vegetables and cucurbits
  • Extension of the EPA registration of Cevya fungicide to other crop groups, including berries; cucurbits; and vegetables bulbs, fruits and roots
  • Launch of Vercoras canola seed treatment for InVigor hybrid canola, providing broad-spectrum protection against major seed and soil-borne diseases
  • Integration of VanderSat’s innovative and fully operational cloudless biomass product with BASF Digital Farming’s market-leading xarvio Field Manager solution
  • Expansion of connectivity options for weather station devices of the xarvio Field Manager solution to include integration of METOS data by Pessl Instruments and Sencrop
  • Introduced a new digital tool for the Grow Smart Live app, providing crop input recommendations as well as estimated value versus alternative options
  • BASF’s first insecticide launched for the golf course market, Alucion 35 WG Insecticide, the only unrestricted use pyrethroid labeled for golf courses
  • New fungicide launched for the golf course market, Encartis fungicide, which provides long-lasting, preventative and curative protection against the dollar spot and ten other key leaf diseases
  • Introduction of Avelyo Fungicide, a next generation DMI fungicide for greenhouse and nursery growers with broad spectrum disease control and exceptional plant safety at any stage of the production cycle
  • Launch of T&O Finale XL Herbicide, a non-selective contact herbicide with an improved load of active ingredients that provides fast and precise control of stubborn weeds on golf courses and in landscaping, greenhouses and nurseries
  • Announcing BASF’s latest pest control solution innovation, Ridesco WG Insecticide, which will be available for purchase in early 2022. This product combines two active ingredients, dinotefuran and alpha-cypermethrin, into one practical treatment

Other initiatives

  • Introducing Agronomic Advantage, a new producer-focused program that offers both flexibility and rewards, giving producers the freedom to choose
  • Creation of Soybean Kyst Nematode Action Month in October, during which BASF and the SCN Coalition provided the information and resources needed to defend against this devastating pest
  • Raven Industries has joined BASF and AGCO as a new member of the Operation Weed Eradication coalition to support farmers in their weed control efforts.
  • Tenth Anniversary of Poncho Votivo Seed Treatment, America’s # 1 Seed Treatment Approved on Over 40 Million Acres Per Year

New varieties

  • New Stoneville Dicamba Tolerant Seed Varieties ST 5091B3XF and ST 4993B3XF, both of which are Tolerant to Liberty Herbicide, Engenia Herbicide and Glyphosate Herbicides and Include Three-Gene Resistance to Lepidoptera
  • Fourteen new varieties of Xitavo soybeans including the triple stack herbicide tolerance trait Enlist E3 (Xitavo soybeans are owned by MS Technologies and are exclusively distributed by BASF)

“Obviously 2021 has been a successful year of innovation for BASF and its growers, but it’s just the start,” said Scott Kay, US Crop vice president, BASF. “We also look forward to unprecedented innovation in our pipeline, with additional solutions expected to launch over the next decade. “

BASF will continue to strengthen its R&D activities for sustainable agricultural innovations to help farmers overcome environmental and economic challenges. By 2030, more than 30 major R&D projects will complete BASF’s connected offering for seeds and seed treatment products, chemical and biological solutions and digital services.

Developments on the horizon include continued investments in breakthrough technologies. For example, the Smart Spraying solution, currently in field testing, offers real-time, automated weed identification and management in pre-emergence and post-emergence, day and night. It allows the herbicide to be applied to weeds only where and when needed. Smart Spraying is part of a 50/50 joint venture between Bosch and BASF Digital Farming, known as Bosch BASF Smart Farming GmbH. BASF is also working on the launch of the hybrid wheat Ideltis, intended to provide farmers with higher and more stable performance in terms of yield and quality to advance one of the most important crops in the world.

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