Can you get a zero rate loan this year?

The PTZ + was launched in April 2009. Its purpose was to allow property buyers to borrow without interest. The state, therefore, assumed the costs of the credit, and individuals could, therefore, buy their main residence at a lower cost.

From economic crises to budgetary tightening, access to the zero-rate plus loan has hardened in order to save on public spending. Year after year, the PTZ + is still resisting the rigors of economic times and continues to exist in 2019. A quick tour of what will have to be done this year to benefit from it.

Not to be an owner, or else …

Not to be an owner, or else ...

Not owning

The PTZ + is intended for first-time homebuyers . The borrowers must not have been the owner of their main residence during the 2 years preceding their application. However, they may have owned rental property.

Exceptions to the rule

There are exceptions to the first-time buyer rule.

First of all, people with a disability card who are unable to exercise a professional activity are entitled to the PTZ + even if they are already owners.

The same rule applies for people educating a disabled child, or benefiting from the Disabled Adult Allowance (AAH).

Finally, the owners who had to leave their main residence because of a natural disaster , also derogate from the first accession rule. Please note, however, that the residence must have been made uninhabitable following a disaster.

Do not exceed the resource ceiling


Resources taken into account

Resources are taken into account in the context of a PTZ + request, by comparing 2 calculations:

  • We take the total cost of the operation, and divide by 10.
  • We add the tax revenues of 2 years ago, of all the people intended to occupy the accommodation.

The higher of these two amounts represents the figure taken into account to determine whether the applicants’ resources do not exceed the PTZ + ceiling.

PTZ + 2019 resource ceilings

Choose the right accommodation

PTZ + and new housing

The zero plus rate loan can be used to finance new housing, provided that the home obtains one of these two energy labels:

  • Thermal Regulations 2012 ( RT 2012 ).
  • Low Consumption Building 2005 (BBC 2005 ).

For information, all real estate programs for which the building permit was obtained from January 1, 2013, must be in RT 2012.

PTZ + and old housing

It is possible to finance an old home with a loan at zero plus rate. The borrower will however have to respect two imperatives:

  • That work is necessary.
  • Whether this work leads to obtaining the HPE renovation 2009 or BBC renovation 2009 label.

More clearly, it is possible to use a zero-rate loan plus version 2019 to transform a room into housing.

But it is also possible to carry out certain works, without leading to obtaining the label HPE renovation 2009 or BBC renovation 2009. For this, it is necessary to carry out at least 2 categories of work among the following list:

  • Installation of insulating windows .
  • Insulation of the roof .
  • Insulation of exterior walls .
  • Installation of an efficient heating system.
  • Installation of efficient domestic hot water production systems.

Amount of PT Z plus 2019

Ceiling on zero-plus loan in 2019

The amount of PTZ plus in its 2019 version is limited to a percentage to be applied to the cost of the project. The cost of the project includes only the price of the property and the negotiation fees. Notary fees and transfer duties are not included in the calculation.

Project cost cap for PTZ + 2019

In addition to a maximum percentage to be applied to the cost of the project, there is an amount beyond which the percentage does not apply. This amount is determined according to the implementation area, and the number of people intended to occupy the accommodation.

How to get a zero plus rate loan in 2019?


The service of Good Finance

Good Finance real estate loan brokers help you build your PTZ + application package. They start by verifying that you meet the conditions for homeownership and income limits.

Then they determine what will be the maximum amount of the zero plus rate loan, based on the criteria mentioned above. Once this first approach has been carried out, the brokers will negotiate the terms of repayment of the PTZ + with the lending bank.

Because it must be remembered that if buyers of the property meet the conditions for obtaining the loan at zero rates, the bank does is not obliged to grant it to them. Exactly as in the case of a paying loan, the banker will study the creditworthiness of the borrowers. It is the broker’s role to present the case of his clients from the right angle.

Pay off a zero plus loan

It is, therefore, the same bank that grants the mortgage and the PTZ +. The installment of the monthly payments of a loan at zero rates depends on the income of the borrower, according to a scale published by the State. It is possible to repay a loan at zero rates over a period ranging from 12 years to 25 years.

If the applicant’s income is average, it is possible to defer repayment of the loan at zero rates. This provision allows people with a limited borrowing capacity to still own their principal residence.

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