Consider These 4 Things Before Applying for a P2P Lending Loan!

P2P Lending Loans – In developing a business is certainly not easy, developing a business is not just relying on an idea it has, there are many aspects that you need to develop to make and your business grow. One of the most important aspects is venture capital.

In this venture capital sometimes becomes an obstacle, because to get venture capital it requires extra effort from preparing the requirements file, coming to the place of submission, not to mention it turns out that all the requirements you have prepared have not met the requirements for the submission.

Therefore, with the advent of financial technology (fintech) that facilitates the process of financial transactions, it can be your choice in applying for a more modern and simple business capital loan.


New P2P Lending System Loans That make and It Easier To Get Business Loans!


This P2P Lending loan is actually in Indonesia still relatively new. The P2P system itself brings together lenders and borrowers through a platform. All the processes carried out on this P2P Lending loan are carried out online, the lender and the borrower do not meet each other. Besides that you as a borrower can apply for a loan without using collateral.

But before applying for a loan with P2P lending, you must know the safe tips first!


Be sure to Apply for Loans That Have Been Registered by OJK!

Loans apply

By applying for an online loan, the risk is greater than fraud and the like. Therefore it is important if you apply for a loan to a platform that has been registered and overseen by the Financial Services Authority (OJK) in the loan application process, you must makeand sure to whom you apply for a loan, whether the platform you choose is convincing or even vice versa.


Borrow as Needed

borrow money

Most people apply for large loans without thinking about how he makes the repayments, how the interest continues and so on. This is found very often and this habit must be changed so as not to create new problems for him.

To get around this you can borrow according to the needs you need. OJK also provides input so that the maximum loan size is 30% of income. The goal, is to facilitate them in paying installments.


Do not Dig a Hole & Cover the Hole

loan application

This is also the most commonly found and becomes a bad habit. Many are confused about how to pay the installments they have, after that he even applied for another loan to pay the installments, which they initially thought by making other loans they could extend their “breath”. Though things like this actually create new problems for him.

Make installments your main priority when you get funds, this is done to resolve the debt and not ensnare us later.


Pay off installments on time

On time! Whatever you do, you should be able to be on time as well as repayments and bills because by making payments on time you will feel calmer and your burden can be reduced. If you do not make and payments on time, it is not impossible that you will be fined in your bill.

To get around this you can make a reminder on the calendar for installment payments.

With the convenience provided by P2P Lending loans, it certainly helps entrepreneurs who need business funds quickly. But remember, you must also pay attention to the aspects above so that your loan process can run smoothly.

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