Don’t sleep on Decathlon: outdoor equipment for enthusiasts and experts alike

If you have not yet tested Decathlon equipment and clothing, now is the time. Campers, hikers and outdoor enthusiasts in general will find hundreds of items that defy the price of other top brands.

In 2018, Decathlon launched its online purchasing and distribution in the United States The brand is gain ground with outdoor enthusiasts and increased its notoriety among review sites like ours with recent innovations.

While Decathlon is newer to the US market, the brand is steeped in history. Decathlon was born in 1976 when seven sports enthusiasts and budding entrepreneurs met and agreed to revolutionize the way sports products and equipment were made and sold.

Today, Decathlon has more than 1,600 stores in nearly 300 cities and is large enough to design and produce its own equipment as well as to reduce supply chain costs. Beyond that, Decathlon’s objective is to “make sport and the outdoors more accessible while acting responsibly for the planet”.

This puts the company in a position to handle function, sustainable practices and lower prices for consumers. We’ve rounded up examples of this feat below, including some gear that was awarded by our review team.

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Who is Décathlon?

The brand is not known for its high-end, Everest quality equipment. Instead, he takes pride in creating gear and apparel for a wider audience who want to enjoy the outdoors comfortably and affordably.

Some of its prices may seem extremely low to those unfamiliar with the brand, as large retailers often offer low-cost equipment made from low-quality materials. However, Decathlon is different.

Branding factors environmental responsibility in its choice of materials and supply. Its price is also indicative of its scale, another perk of being the largest retailer of its kind. Decathlon may offer less expensive equipment because it designs, manufactures and distributes a lot of its own equipment – and everything is basically done in bulk.

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Throughout the site, and the list of featured products below, are phrases shared at the beginning of product names. Indeed, Decathlon owns several brands in-house. Quechua covers most camping gear, from tents to cups and shoes. Likewise, Forclaz manufactures hiking and trekking equipment, and Wed’ze is its sliding brand.

Every product of these brands is the result of the contribution of designers, engineers and athletes. In previous designs, we’ve seen Decathlon incorporate feedback from critics and customers to update designs, such as the Easy 2 second tent (see below).

Strengths of Decathlon equipment

Forclaz Trek 100 down jacket – Women & Men


The price of this inflated earned it a spot on our Best down jackets listing. This is Decathlon’s most popular jacket for its compactness, warmth and, yes, its price. It fills 800 (cubic inches) in a jacket that weighs about 10 ounces.

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Quechua waterproof hiking jacket – Men & Women

Quechua waterproof hiking jacket

This waterproof and breathable three-layer jacket protects against the elements of the mountains in a design that is more eco-friendly than previous versions. Long side openings help wick sweat away, stretch fabric allows the jacket to move with you, and there are multiple pockets, from hand warmers to an internal smartphone stash.

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Quechua 2 Second Easy tent

Decathlon Quechua tent 2 seconds-2 people

A patented and award-winning design makes this freestanding tent quick to set up and take down. In fact, all it takes is the press of a button to fold up the tent. This is one of the reasons it won the “easiest setup” on our Best camping tents listing.

This is a RV tent, but this crowd will appreciate the waterproof blackout fly. This means you can sleep if that’s your style, and it keeps the sun from scorching your tent so much while you are hiking.

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Quechua SH100 Easy Snowshoe – Small Bridge & Large Bridge

Easy SH100 racket

These snowshoes are called “Easy” for their strap design, designed to be quieter and more agile on snow with the flexible deck using sneaker-like materials. Choose from two sizes depending on your weight.

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Quechua Insulated Camping Mug & Cup

insulated mugs

By now you are familiar with double-walled insulated glasses which help drinks maintain their temperature for longer. Like a classic mug, these have a handle and a wide opening for easy cleaning.

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About Decathlon

Founded in France in 1976, Decathlon presents itself as the largest sporting goods retailer in the world. It has stores in 70 countries, including two in the Bay Area.

Decathlon is headquartered in Lille, in the north of France. It also has other headquarters, including a mountain headquarters in the Mont-Blanc valley near Chamonix and a water headquarters in Hendaye, southern France.

And you can read about our editor visit to Decathlon headquarters, including equipment information and a tour of some of the brand’s sacred product testing grounds.

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This article is sponsored by Decathlon. Find more of his clothing and equipment in line.

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