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Dropbox Shop, a platform that lets creators sell digital content directly to their customers, is now available in open beta, Dropbox announced Tuesday. The company is also introducing new platform updates and adding failover features. You can now also customize your storefront and URLs and embed HTML codes.

Dropbox Shop launched in private beta last year and allows users to create product listings for digital content. You can add content directly from Dropbox or your computer, set a custom image, audio or video preview, and then enter your price. Creators now also have the option to enable tips. Dropbox will then create a shareable or embeddable link that you can paste into social media posts, emails, web pages, and more.

You can create your own e-commerce storefront, edit your profile, and customize your store URL to display your products. Dropbox has partnered with Stripe and PayPal to allow creators to offer their customers multiple payment options in addition to major credit cards and Google Pay. Users can also review and track sales data and view customer information such as traffic sources and historical transactions.

Examples of the type of content that can be sold with Shop include educational courses and materials, digital art and graphic design, music and audio, writing and editing, finance spreadsheets apps, game tutorials, fitness and wellness videos, movies, photography, animation, digital tools and more. Dropbox Shop supports many file formats for image, audio, and video uploads. You can also upload multiple file types in each listing.

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Dropbox notes that it is not currently taking a percentage cut from transactions as it is in the early stages of development for this product. This is likely to change once Dropbox Shop moves past the beta stage. The Dropbox Shop beta is available today for individual users of Dropbox Basic, Plus, and Professional plans in the US.

With the continued rise of the creator economy, more and more people are looking to sell their digital products. With the launch of Dropbox Shop, the company is looking to compete with other online platforms that allow creators and users to sell digital goods, such as Shopify and SendOwl.

Along with news about Dropbox Shop, the company also introduced the latest iteration of Dropbox Backup. Backup has been upgraded with new features, including a restore stream and additional settings to manage your backups on your computer. Dropbox notes that Backup can be used to ensure that you have taken the necessary steps to protect your most important files. Dropbox Backup is available for all plans and is also available as a standalone offering for new users and basic users.

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