EPI Ingredients launches a versatile yogurt-based product concept


August 02, 2017 — EPI Ingredients launched SoFlexi on the market, the first concept in a series set to develop in the years to come. Designed to showcase the company’s application expertise and know-how in dairy ingredients, as well as to promote the use of EPILAC 48 low fat yogurt powder in the development of new products , SoFlexi was created with the end consumer in mind.

“SoFlexi is a powdered blend that allows consumers to create fresh, yoghurt-tasting snacks at their convenience. Whether they want a drinkable yogurt, an ice cream or an acidic drink, they can indulge themselves almost instantly thanks to SoFlexi, ”says Mathieu Lucot, marketing manager at EPI Ingredients.

“But the objective for EPI Ingredients is not to sell the concept. Our goal with SoFlexi is to stimulate innovation and help our customers visualize what they can do with our ingredients, from bulk ingredient to actual CPG marketing, ”he explains.

“Consumers today look for health in their food,” says Lucot. FoodIngredientsFirst.

“Yogurt has this healthy image for consumers, but it’s very complicated to put fresh yogurt in your bag in the morning and eat it as a snack. With SoFlexi, you only need fresh water and you can easily eat your drinkable yogurt as a snack, ”he explains.

According to Lucot, this product took six months to develop. “Fermented powders are our flagship range,” he says. “The idea of ​​the future for us is to prove that they are a nutritional power, especially for intestinal health. In fact, we have dry dairy ingredients with live bacteria, which don’t have the same beneficial effect as fresh yogurt – that’s our next challenge.

“The next big innovation, in my opinion, will be take-out yogurt, with an innovative dosage form. We know there is thermalized yogurt, with long term BBD, and it’s a big trend in Asia because of the weather conditions. The innovation could respond to many consumers all over the world, ”notes Lucot.

SoFlexi is the first concept in the SoUnik range, designed to highlight the unique characteristics of the EPI Ingredients product offering. Other concepts will soon be added to this range to arouse the enthusiasm of manufacturers for new developments of healthy delicacies featuring the company’s ingredients and which will satisfy consumers’ desires for taste and well-being.

SoFlexi comes in individual sachets containing 40 g (≈ 1.41 oz) of a powdered mix made up of just 5 ingredients and including EPILAC 48 low fat yogurt powder. time and in search of ‘snack options, SoFlexi has been developed to allow a quick and easy transformation into one of the following three products:

  • Mix it with ice cubes and milk for an instant milkshake
  • Simply mix it with water for a delicious and convenient drinkable yogurt
  • Add your favorite fruit juice and you’ve created a delicious acidic drink

Whatever application is chosen, EPILAC Lowfat Yogurt Powder 48 brings natural acidity and a pleasant yoghurt flavor as well as a smooth and creamy texture to the final product.

EPILAC powders
EPILAC ingredients are a range of premium fermented powders – yogurt powder, cottage cheese powder and fermented milk powder – with differentiating characteristics such as, among others, the presence of live cultures in some of them.

For example, EPILAC Lowfat Yogurt Powder 48 offers the possibility of calling the final product “yogurt”, in accordance with French regulations. With a strong but pleasant dairy flavor and a certain natural acidity, these entirely natural powders are a real asset in the development of innovative but gourmet foods and drinks, which the company wanted to illustrate with this new concept of finished product, SoFlexi.

Easy to use, they can be incorporated into a wide variety of food matrices such as ice creams, frozen yogurts as well as fillings and glazes for baked goods, a segment in which the “yogurt-like” taste is very trendy. Beyond these exclusive functional and sensory attributes, EPILAC fermented powders could also provide health benefits, as they contain the same living bacteria (Streptococcus thermophilic and lactobacilli Bulgarian) like those found in yogurt. These are known to help balance the intestinal flora as well as strengthen the immune system, which makes EPILAC powders an attractive option for formulating nutritional products.

By Elizabeth Green

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