Finding the Right Gutter Guard Installer

A gutter guard is a specialized product; therefore, finding a suitable installer who can properly fix the product to your gutters and roof is essential. There are several installation options: roofing companies and companies that specialize in installing gutter guards. There are several things you need to consider when choosing either gutter guard installation option.

Roofing companies

Many new homeowners choose to hire the roofing company involved in building the home to install the gutter guard at the end of the project. This is often ideal for many projects as it minimizes costs and simplifies project management. However, some roofing companies do not install gutter guards or may not have the necessary experience on more complex gutter installations, such as those involving gutters or bracing. In this case, a project may require a company that specializes in installing gutter guards.

Companies specializing in the installation of gutter guards

Companies specializing in the installation of gutter guards are ideal for large residential developments to ensure quality control throughout the project, especially to comply with building standards and requirements.

For example, the Aquarevo housing project in Melbourne, with landscaping by Spire Architects and collaboration between different construction companies working closely with South East Water, was entirely carried out by a company specializing in the installation of gutter guards , Aussie Gutter Protection.

Working with South East Water, ScreenTech provided an AS4020 drinking water gutter protection system tailored to each home to maximize rainwater harvesting to achieve Aquarevo Estate’s goal as a premier development of this type in Australia.

The estate offered owners several unique design and layout options in land and house complexes. Therefore, the gutter guard has been supplied and installed on dozens of different housing and roof types.

The installation was undertaken by Aussie Gutter Protection, who coordinated the fittings with the construction companies.

Aussie Gutter Protection is one of Australia’s largest installers of gutter protection and a market leader in custom gutter solutions using ScreenTech Tuffmesh aluminum products to meet potable water standards. Additionally, the integrated gutter protection mesh product provides high strength, durability and a modern aesthetic for homes with gutters or parapets.

Gutter Guard Installation Techniques

Installing a gutter guard is generally straightforward on most roofs. However, your gutter guard installer should understand proper application, including not drilling holes that could allow water to enter the roof.

Ensuring the mesh is cut at the correct angle is essential on a ski slope gutter protection system. Gutter guard installers must ensure that water does not run over the top, but filters through the mesh gutter guard and into the gutter. It should also be located so that leaves and debris are encouraged to fall off the roof rather than build up on top of the gutter guards.

A quality gutter guard installer understands how gutter systems work and can see where potential problems may arise rather than leaving it up to the homeowner to find out later.

Specialist products and materials such as ember shields installed in bushfire prone areas require expert installation techniques to ensure there are no gaps larger than 2mm. This installation requirement ensures that embers cannot penetrate through the shield in accordance with AS3959. Therefore, the protector must be installed with precision, especially at joints and corners.

Other specialized installation techniques include the installation of gutter mesh which requires sufficient strength to support the product. 0.6mm thick aluminum mesh is recommended for any space over 500mm wide or larger. Gaps greater than 750mm require bracing to support the gutter guard mesh.

Valley installations also require specialized techniques. It is crucial that the mesh has sufficient overhang and is secured on both sides to help resist tears in the mesh over the long term. ScreenTech suggests a minimum mesh size of 330mm wide for a metal roof and 1000mm on a tiled roof to allow sufficient length under the tiles.

Verification of gutter guard installers

There are several questions to ask any gutter guard installation company:

  1. Do you provide gutter protection materials? Which gutter guard supplier do you use for your products? Do they meet Australian standards?
  2. Do you have the correct Colorbond gutter guard to match the roof and gutters?
  3. How familiar is the installer with the supplied gutter protection materials and their unique installation techniques?
  4. What experience do they have working with the specific type of roof and gutter being used? (This is especially important if you are using rare materials such as copper or galvanized steel.)
  5. Does the installer offer manufacturing warranties?
  6. What other certifications and assurances does the company have?
  7. Do you have examples of previous work on a similar project? Can you provide photos etc?

Gutter protection, if applied incorrectly, causes problems such as the formation of a pool of water on top. Poor manufacturing leads to costly errors, such as gaps in the ember shield or unflattering aesthetics.

If you would like assistance in finding a gutter guard installer, please do not hesitate to contact ScreenTech. ScreenTech has a network of installers across Australia with experience and diligence in their work who we trust to install our products.

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