Glenn Hegar visits Sysco for Good for Texas Tour: Supply Chains Edition

SAN ANGELO, TX – At Glenn Hegar’s Southeast Texas stop (Texas Comptroller) Good for Texas: Editing Supply Chains, he visited Sysco. Sysco is the global leader in the sale, marketing and distribution of food and non-food products to restaurants, healthcare and educational facilities, as well as accommodation facilities with other customers around the world. .

“Industry leaders like Sysco understand that food is an essential commodity requiring a sophisticated and resilient supply chain,” said Hegar. “Thanks to its strong partnerships with its suppliers and its expertise in the supply chain, Sysco has developed constantly innovative approaches to support its customers. As a recent example, the company has announced plans to create its first-ever Driver Academy, which will increase long-term capabilities to internally seek out future drivers. Sysco has also leveraged its supply chain expertise to support the communities where it operates, donating more than 50 million meals around the world since the start of the pandemic. “

Sysco makes 343 distributions around the world and works with more than 650,000 customer locations. The company has more than 6,000 employees in Texas. In fiscal 2021, the company achieved sales that contributed $ 51 billion. Sysco has been recognized by Texan by nature as a top 20 winner for conservation and sustainability efforts.

Sysco is part of the food supply chain in Texas and contributes $ 85.6 billion annually to the state’s gross domestic product. The food supply chain includes agriculture, manufacturing, transportation and warehousing, wholesale trade (distributors), as well as retail trade and restaurants. The food-related sectors of these industries employ 1.5 million Texans and provide $ 40.5 billion in annual wages.

During his last Good for the Texas TourHegar shared the results of his new Office of the Comptroller study detailing the vital role supply chains play in improving production efficiency and lowering costs for producers and consumers. The study explains the risks supply chains face and how businesses and the federal government are responding to those risks.

For more information on the tour, including video and social media graphics, head to the controller’s website.

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