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Meet the partner

GMAP Analytics is a leading provider of location-based data, consulting and software in the UK and internationally. For more than 30 years, GMAP’s objective location planning consultancy has enabled clients in more than 60 countries to make profitable and sustainable investment decisions.

GMAP began at the University of Leeds in the 1980s, where its groundbreaking location planning strategies created a market that became an embedded concept in business decision-making.

Since then, GMAP has worked with some of the world’s largest organizations and is widely recognized as a market leader in location intelligence across many industries, including but not limited to retail, automotive, leisure, transport and fuel.

How they can help you

GMAP partners with OS to create some of their UK data products. GMAP has an in-depth knowledge of location data, which enables the development of meaningful solutions for GMAP customers.

GMAP supports stakeholders in a wide variety of functions such as ownership, insight, marketing, customer, logistics and operations. GMAP’s experienced consultants work with a wide range of clients, applying GMAP knowledge to any business that engages in the physical space. They work with small businesses looking for investment opportunities, to multinational companies looking to ensure they are making the optimal strategic decisions. Here are some of the solutions offered to OS customers.

Location Planning Consulting – GMAP’s location planning experts can work with you to collaboratively develop an ideal network plan for the future development of your network, whether you are looking to expand, optimize or streamline your portfolio in one or more countries around the world .

To learn more about GMAP’s ideal location plans, visit

Location intelligence data – GMAP sources and provides UK and international data which can be used for your internal analyses, to support your advisory projects or uploaded into your MVPLUS or BI solution. GMAP’s comprehensive data offering includes:

  • Map data
  • Demography
  • Geodemographic segmentations
  • Motor car registration data
  • Retail and Leisure Landscape Datasets.

Visit to learn more about GMAP Location Intelligence data.

MVPLUS – MVPLUS is GMAP’s geolocation software, a self-service GIS, which allows you to improve your understanding of the spatial relationships between your network and your customers. The latest version of their long-standing MicroVision system lets you perform market analysis, create watersheds, perform site assessments, and target customers. Map layers and GMAP datasets are available across multiple geographic layers as part of your MVPLUS license, allowing you to quickly perform your self-service analysis to get the insights you need to make business decisions keys. Plus, GMAP experts provide comprehensive training and ongoing help desk and technical support, with ongoing software and data updates, as part of your MVPLUS license.

For more information on MVPLUS and to request a demo, visit

BI Dashboard Reports – GMAP can help you bring your data to life with its dashboard solutions. GMAP has extensive experience in delivering bespoke reports, reporting dashboards and live reports to provide insight into your sales, customers and business data to inform decision making commercial. For example, understand how each of the outlets in your network operates on an ongoing basis or sales targets can be created for each outlet in your retail network to help you plan effectively and efficiently.

Visit to see some examples of GMAP’s dashboard reporting features and to contact us to see if GMAP can make your decision-making more effective.

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