How do you buy back credits?

With the accumulation of your credits, the end of the month is difficult? Would you like to carry out new projects but are you already in debt? We have the solution!

Have you ever thought about buying credits? How it works? Good Lenders Finances is here today to explain everything to you.


Why to redeem credits?

The repurchase of credits also known under the name of grouping of credits makes it possible to join together several loans in progress to form only one.

Between consumer loans and home loans, monthly debts can occupy too much space. Redeeming your credits is then a solution to take control of your budget!

By varying the duration of your loans, your different rates and the amount of your insurance, this operation offers you a reduction in the amount of your credit.

But what are the advantages of a credit retrieval?

  • A single new monthly payment adapted to your situation
  • A new renegotiated rate
  • One insurance contract for your new loan
  • A single contact
  • The possibility of creating cash to give life to your new projects


Who is the credit grouping?

credit grouping?

To all people with several credits and wishing to balance their budget.

Owners, tenants, singles, retirees … This solution adapts to everyone’s needs.

Whether you want to collect all of your credits or only a part, your advisor will find the right formula. So find out now how to redeem your credits in three steps!


The steps of the redemption credits

credit loan

First of all, we advise you to gather the documents necessary to your request to optimize your time:

  • ID or passport
  • RIB
  • proof of address less than three months old
  • latest monthly account statement
  • last salary slip + bulletin for the month of December
  • employment contract
  • for the self-employed: latest tax notice or tax package

First step: preparing the dossier

The first part of the consolidation can be done entirely online or by phone call. In this first step you describe your request by filling in some initial information.

Credit redemption simulation tools are then available to you to verify your eligibility and send or not a request.

At Good Lenders Finances, the questions asked allow you to have a first idea of ​​your project: your real estate situation (owner or tenant), the total of your monthly payments, your capital remaining due.

Second step: contacting

Once your file has been sent, an advisor will quickly contact you.

Together, a new assessment is made on your expectations, your needs, your financing capacities, your projects … An overview of your wishes by grouping your credits.

Your advisor will then offer you a new financing situation, including if you request, your new cash flow.

And then? You just have to wait, your advisor will find the best offer for you.

Third and final stage: the finalization

Your new contract is ready, all you have to do is sign it! After making a final point on your new conditions (amount of monthly payments, repayment period, total amount of the new credit), your new life can finally start with a whole new budget.

And your cash? Its amount is paid directly into your bank account.

You can now take advantage and fill up on new projects thanks to your new balanced budget! Do you want to know more? Our team is there to answer all your questions.

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