How to create a dedicated beauty space if you don’t have the space and your routine needs a makeover

As we invest more and more in our healing and beauty rituals, there’s a good chance you’ve amassed a treasure chest of coveted cosmetics over the holidays.

Oh how we loved counting to the big day with these beauty advent calendars! But with every window or box, finding a place for those cult favorites, fragrances and body balms can be a complicated task.

To help you declutter your beauty collection, three interior design experts share their best tips for organizing your collection of goodies, while ensuring that everything is always well organized and accessible …

Start with a clean pallet before putting away new products

“It’s important to start with a fresh palette, so remove all of your hair and beauty products from drawers, cabinets and counters,” says Marc Epstein, co-founder of CARME Home.

“Then it’s time to clean up – there’s no point in organizing your new products if they’re mixed up with products you no longer use or are obsolete, because that makes everything hard to find.

“Sort out what you want to keep, what can go to charity and what can go in the trash; from there you can figure out how to store your new favorites, ”suggests Epstein.

For beauty products, whether new or old, consider furniture that provides convenient storage for all your items. “Dressing tables with additional drawers are ideal, but if you are short on space [and depending on budget], a set of drawers can also work perfectly, ”says Epstein.

“Organize each print so that one is for makeup, one for hair products, and one for body – simple and stress-free. “

Huldra Bathroom Shelving Storage Caddy, Black Metal & Wood, £ 55, (

And don’t hesitate to bring bathroom furniture into the bedroom. After all, items like tall, slim storage cabinets and carts are created for small spaces.

In addition to MADE’s trendy black Huldra caddy, Habitat has a cute storage tower with four wicker drawers, ideal for hair accessories and skin care products, priced at £ 20, available from Argos.

Kenzie Black Makeup Cart with Hollywood Bulbs, £ 469, CARME Home (CARME Home / PA)

However, if you’re a true beauty junkie with too many products to count and are happy to blow the budget for a New Year’s treat, try a makeup cart instead. “It’s perfect for keeping everything super organized and saves a lot of space as it can fold up and be stored under the bed or in a wardrobe,” notes Epstein.

Beauty cart, £ 67.99, BTFY (BTFY / PA)

Getting creative and thinking vertically can also open up unused spaces in your room. “Stackable storage is great for tucking everything into your routine, layer by layer, to keep everything in place,” suggests Simon Glanville, CEO of A Place for Everything.

Rotating cosmetic organizer, £ 29, one place for everything (one place for everything / PA)

“Put the things you use every day on the top layer so they’re close at hand, making your prep ritual as easy and stress-free as possible.” “

Invest in multifunctional furniture to store things

Zoey White Mirrored Jewelry Cabinet with LED Lights, CARME Home (CARME Home / PA)

As Epstein says, “Full-length mirrors that double as a jewelry cabinet are just one example of a smart storage solution. That way, everything is organized and displayed beautifully, which makes the prep process super easy – and your jewelry doesn’t get tangled.

Plus, they won’t look for your favorite lippy if you line them up like soldiers on the shelves, with pale colors on the left and deeper tones on the right.

Again, if a dedicated jewelry / makeup cabinet seems a bit too specious, don’t be afraid to think outside the box. Sliding bathroom cabinet mirrors can be grouped together on one wall (like you would with some framed pictures) with shelves inside for the pieces and the pretty perfume bottles placed on top. Mirror: tick. Shelving: tick. Space saving: tick.

Thinking function with flair

“Storage is important, but so is aesthetics; having both leads to a beautiful and functional space to feel inspired, ”says Emmie Brookman, Creative Director of Silver Mushroom.

(Alay / PA)

Bottles and hair clips are great examples of items that can be inconvenient to find if you don’t store them properly. “The best way to store them is in small jars, grouped by color or type of product,” suggests Brookman. A set of miniature Kilner jars looks stylish on an open shelf, windowsill, or even right on your dressing table or dresser. “

Organize your drawers with dividers and transparent boxes

Lipstick & Cosmetic Storage Box – Clarity, £ 11, One Place For Everything (One Place For Everything / PA)

“Drawer dividers are the gateway to organization,” notes Brookman. “Separate your items by category or size, and place them in clear / glass storage boxes in your drawers, that way you can easily see what you need, when you need it. Organize it so that what you need most is placed in the front of a drawer.

Place hair products in a storage basket that you can hang on a hook

“And there’s nothing more frustrating than your hair dryer and straightener getting tangled up among the rest of your items, and they take up so much space in a drawer,” adds Brookman.

Round Handle Basket, £ 28, Basket Basket (Basket Basket / PA)

“Wherever you choose to style your hair, place a storage basket next to the mirror to combine functionality and style. “

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