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In case you missed it, Amazon launched new Eero Wi-Fi systems yesterday: the Eero Pro 6E and Eero 6+. Both routers offer gigabit speeds and can be configured as single-device Wi-Fi systems or paired with multiple satellites to cover more space. But that’s not all that’s been happening in gigabits per second lately. Brightland, a California-based company, introduced the cooking world to Zeal, a slow-fermented vinegar made with sustainably harvested Virginia creepers (along with honey, water and yeast), the brand says. Whether you’re buying Zeal because you need to add a flavorful twist to your salad or just want to support an AAPI-owned business, Brightland says its new vinegar is ready to mix into your Caesar or drizzle over your eggs, with garlic tasting notes. , shallot, leek and marinated jalapeno. Brightland created Zeal in partnership with Lindera Farms, which aims to take local, sustainable produce that they ferment into wine and then age into vinegar. We discuss more of Brightland in our guide to great holiday gift sets.

GO AHEAD Best sellers of the moment

Spilled Brightland’s Zeal while eating a salad? Proscenic has launched a P11 smart cordless vacuum cleaner. The P11 should run for about an hour when not charged, and it comes with different suction modes – and heads – for cleaning hard floors, carpets and pet hair, depending on your disorder. It also has a smart touchscreen that connects to a smart app so you can check stats (like your average cleaning time) or contact customer support. Although we’ve yet to check out the Proscenic range of vacuums, we’ve spoken to cleaning pros to decipher what makes a good cordless vacuum.

You may have noticed the rise in gas prices — so have we. In light of that, we’ve put together five tips you can use to save money when you need to fill up your car’s gas tank, whether it’s a business rewards credit card. gasoline or a gasoline loyalty program – for example, did you know that the Amazon Prime competitor’s Walmart Plus program offers discounts on gasoline as part of its benefits? If your preferred method of travel is more in the sky, we’ve also looked at the latest United Airlines credit cards, some of which offer up to 120,000 bonus miles (that’s about four full trips around the Earth, for the record).

Skincare brand Bliss has launched a new Mighty Biome skincare collection. The range includes a Deep Cleansing Balm, Balancing Milky Toner + Serum and Ultra Hydrating Hydrating Concentrate. Each product is packaged in a recyclable aluminum jar, the brand explains, with prebiotics, postbiotics and barrier aids meant to smooth and brighten the skin. We’ve already recommended Bliss’ Overnight Gel Mask in our Azelaic Acid Base.

DuroMax has launched its latest portable generator, the XP13000HXT Tri Fuel. The largest Tri Fuel portable generator on the market, according to DuroMax, it comes with a wheel and handle kit that makes it easy to transport. It also has a simple start button as well as a large LED display that makes it easy to view the fuel gauge at a glance, or otherwise the charge gauge and voltage. We’ve already recommended the conventional generator from DuroMax – a best seller at Home Depot – in our guide to portable generators.

Best sellers to shop

We’ve rounded up the current sales you should know about based on Select reader interest and our previous coverage.

  1. The company storewhich makes one of our favorite duvet inserts, is offering 20% ​​off your purchase with code FAMILY22.

  2. The Fresh Savings event at Williams Sonoma is offering 70% off select cookware from brands like Le Creuset and All-Clad.

  3. Last day to claim $504 off CLMBR‘s Connected machine with free delivery and assembly. We recommended it in our guide to vertical climbers.

  4. Last day to claim 20% off EquipmentAnniversary sale on the whole site with the code HERESTOYOU.

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