Package Design Mistakes That Dropping Product Sales -Megha Malik

Remember when you bought a product that caught your eye, brought it home but couldn’t open it. Then if you can manage to look, cut, or open, it won’t close as expected. It’s always irritating and hopeless, especially if you use a knife or other tools to cut such rigid packaging.

According to studies, 66% of consumers choose a new product simply because they feel irritated by the packaging. So, when creating packaging, avoiding typical packaging design mistakes is essential to keep your customers focused on what your brand does best.

Messy execution can entirely discredit the impact you intended to achieve with branded packaging. Do not send a false message on the packaging of your product that is at odds with the methods you expect to delegate your brand.

Let’s discuss some of the common mistakes seen in the market that can make your brand unprofessional or hamper the user experience when unboxing the product:

Above the packaging:

When you use excessive or over-wrapped packaging that doesn’t contribute to a good customer experience, you not only waste time, money, and materials, but also potentially degrade their standard of unboxing experience.

The less complicated the packaging of a product, the more appreciated you will be by customers. In fact, they don’t like packaging that is unpredictable and bulky because it takes up too much shelf space. Therefore, optimize your packaging by reducing interior space and using as few loads as possible.

Wrong materials:
Your packaging material should be artistically pleasing and applicable. For example, you order your favorite food online, you also need it hot and fresh, but due to the wrong materials it loses its essence, and the food also leaks due to incorrect selection.

Due to the shoddy materials you used in the packaging, it fails before it even reaches the customers. It will also destroy the expectations they had for your brand. So, go for a suitable packaging material which is the best for your product.

Difficult to open:
If your customer needs a tool or uses their teeth to open your packaging, consider this one of your biggest failures. The beauty of the packaging of your product does not matter; if they have trouble opening, that’s the most frustrating thing. You can use perforations, marks or connectors at an opening point.

Generic designs:
The main purpose of packaging is to provide a platform that improves your audience and makes them unique from the competition. Having an uninteresting design that doesn’t help your product differentiate itself from the competition makes your brand out to your competition. So, create a distinct design that goes with your brand image.

Irregular white space:
Considering white space in your packaging is fundamental to a balanced aesthetic throughout your design. A messy stream of color can give a vibrant look at first glance, but it really is a packaging design mistake that should be avoided. Incorporating a uniform and symmetrical white space will help achieve a balance of contrast throughout your packaging design.

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