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Med-Tech Innovation News discovered a new concept of Tesla’s PPE product called Elon Mask, a product concept developed by Lease Fletcher.

Tell us about the mask itself – what is it made of?

The PPE concept, Elon Mask (not a typo!), Is a BioDefence personal protective mask designed to match your Tesla EV. The retractable visor is made from metallic aluminum oxynitride, ALON, provides a crisp and clear view of the world and has incredible resilience. The Elon mask will literally take a bullet for you. The lower BioDefence mask features a HEPA filter that removes 99.97% of particles at 0.3 micrometers thick.

What materials would be used? Who would Tesla work with to make this a reality?

Tesla has put a lot of effort into developing a powerful air filtering system and in January 2019 they released a new and improved Biological Defense Mode upgrade for older S / X models. This same HEPA air filtration system will be used in the Elon mask.

As for the metallic aluminum oxynitride, rumor has it that it is also the “transparent metal” used on the bold and upcoming Cybertruck, suggesting that Tesla has either brought this production in-house or has an aligned supplier. .

Tesla Motors has a large pool of engineering talent, and the materials and components will likely all be imported in-house in true Tesla style.

How quickly could this concept be scaled up and accessible to the public?

Known for setting ambitious goals and sticking to them (most of the time), Tesla would likely be able to offer a quick turnaround.

Note that the Elon mask is not a cheap face mask and primarily attracts existing Tesla drivers due to the built-in technology. In other words, there is a somewhat limited margin of demand.

That said, the past has seen wild demand for Tesla accessories, even when they are overpriced. In July 2020, the Tesla S3XY shorts, meant to mock short sellers, literally broke the website because demand was so overwhelming.

In terms of timing and scale, it would be hard to say. But Elon and his team are known to push the boundaries. If Elon Mask was a priority, we think the team at Tesla Motors headquarters in Palo Alto could get there pretty quickly.

What does this mean for Tesla? Will they follow other companies by diversifying into medtech / health equipment?

Tesla Motors already uses a special HEPA air filtration system in its vehicles to help reduce local air pollution with electric vehicles but also to reduce the direct impact of air pollution on vehicle occupants.

Compared to many automakers, Tesla cares a great deal about the health and well-being of their drivers and the world they live in.

With the world’s population growing and cities, countries and continents more connected than ever before, COVID-19 is not the last global pandemic we’ll see. In 2020 we have seen many companies step in and help by producing basic PPE and hand sanitizer due to the huge increase in demand. It would be strange if companies like Tesla did not consider whether they could produce and improve PPE to support the medical community, government, their staff and customers in the future.

The design itself seems like it could be paired with a motorcycle helmet – is that a potential barrier to comfort?

The Elon mask has a bold design. That said, the design was conceptualized to address issues with existing masks.

One of the most common problems is the throbbing behind the ears. When you have to wear a face mask for a long period of time, the friction on the skin may start to hurt.

Elon Mask is designed to distribute pressure better to minimize friction at any point. The back of the mask isn’t just for stability so that it can be used in more lively activities – it also has ultrasonic proximity sensors and taillights that remind others to keep a distance of. two meters.

The mask will be lightweight and is designed to be held in place, even when not in use.

What other aspects of the design process did you have to take into account?

When choosing a face mask at the moment, you should choose the level of protection and stick to it. This means that you may need to carry different masks for different scenarios.

With Elon Mask, you have the possibility to wear your mask in three positions depending on the level of threat: Without protection, Air filter, Air filter + Visor. If you’re in a busy supermarket you might want full protection, while if you’re stopping in a drive-thru you might want to use the air filter only.

Another big obstacle to the face mask is that it can be difficult to hear what people are saying behind a mask. The built-in real-time audio amplifier will optimize and improve the speech clarity of the person speaking directly in front of you and play it through bone conduction headphones.

Would you like to add anything else?

Elon Mask is a product concept and does not represent an official product manufactured by or affiliated in any way with Tesla or Elon Musk. It is designed by LeaseFetcher.

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