Reports of price hikes amid COVID-19 testing shortage

Americans find it hard to find at home COVID-19[feminine kits de test, qui ne font que devenir plus chers au milieu des approvisionnements rares, de la demande croissante et des rapports de hausse des prix.

La précipitation pour obtenir des kits de test à domicile survient alors que les gens subissent des files d’attente de plusieurs heures dans les installations de test et que la variante très contagieuse d’Omicron se propage à travers le pays. Certains grands employeurs, dont Citigroup et Starbucks, sont également obliger les travailleurs à se faire vacciner contre la maladie ou présenter un test négatif.

« Le danger dans les soins de santé est que pour tout produit qui sauve des vies, il est vulnérable aux hausses de prix parce que la plupart des gens paieraient [an] arm and leg – whatever – to save the life of a loved one, “wrote epidemiologist and health economist Eric Feigl-Ding in a series of tweets about the high cost of home testing.

Tanga, an online retailer that sells a range of products, usually at a discount, now offers BinaxNow home COVID-19 test kits for $ 59.99 (one box with two tests) and $ 349 for 10 boxes. Walmart is selling the two-test BinaxNow kit for $ 19.88, but it’s out of stock. At Walgreens, the kit sells for $ 23.99.

New York Attorney General Letitia James said his office has received complaints about COVID-19 testing products selling for double or triple their retail price.

“A standard BinaxNOW-branded test kit at a New York store, like Walgreens, appropriately costs between $ 14 and $ 25 for a set of two tests. $ 70 per package, “James said in a statement last month.

People wanting to get tested quickly spend hundreds of dollars to speed up clinical results, but paying extra doesn’t always guarantee quick results. New York resident John Bowen told CBS2 he paid $ 150 to get the results the next day before a scheduled flight to the UK last week. “I’m waiting there at the check-in point in a panic,” Bowen recalls. He was eventually reimbursed.

North Carolina Attorney General Josh Stein is calling on residents to report any case of price hikes linked to the pandemic. “In particular, our office has heard anecdotally that there may be price hikes on home testing,” Stein said Wednesday in a press release.

Stein’s plea came as an increase in strained Omicron variant testing sites across North Carolina. “People are looking for tests, I went to every store here in Raleigh and couldn’t find a quick test,” Ives Sapu told the local CBS affiliate this week as he stood in line. on a city site.

CDC Director on COVID Guidelines, Testing


Stein won a judgment last year against a New Jersey company now banned from selling excessively expensive personal protective equipment. In 2020, he obtained an injunction against a Charlotte-based company for allegedly starting or towing trucks delivering food, water and medical supplies during the pandemic. North Carolina’s predatory pricing law came into effect in March 2020 after the state declared a state of emergency due to the pandemic.

A similar call came from Georgia Attorney General Chris Carr, who last week urged Georgians “to be on the lookout for fraudulent practices related to COVID-19, especially with regard to testing.” As has happened elsewhere, Carr said his office was aware of reports of overcharging for COVID-19 tests.

Health officials in Atlanta have urged those in need of testing not to seek help from the city’s overcrowded emergency rooms, more than 20 of which were filled to the point of having to refuse ambulances.

Examples of people taking advantage of others during a public health crisis go beyond overload. A reported scam had an impostor posing as an American Red Cross volunteer and going door to door to offer COVID-19 home testing to enter and rob residents, according to public health officials in Los Angeles.

The Biden administration in December demanded that insurers pay for home tests and lab tests. He also said more than 500 million free home tests would be sent to U.S. homes, although the timing is not yet clear.

The White House had partnered with retailers to sell the tests at cost price, but that deal has since expired, with Kroger and Walmart among those who raise prices in the last days.

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