The Tirupati station offers the concept of one station, one product

The Tirupati station offers the concept of one station, one product

New Delhi, March 16 (KNN) Tirupati will be the first South Central Railways station to offer the “one station, one product” concept, as announced by the Union Government in the recent Union Budget presented to Parliament.

The main objective is to make each station a promotional hub and showcase a local product, thereby giving a major boost to local industries, providing improved livelihoods and ensuring the well-being of local artisans, potters, weavers, hand weavers and tribes.

Tirupati Railway Station is the nearest railway facility for those visiting Lord Balaji Temple and it witnesses a steady flow of railway passengers from all over India. The areas surrounding Tirupati Railway Station are famous for Kalamkari art and textiles.

The Board of Railways identifies a station on each area railway for the implementation of this new concept as a pilot project initially for a period of 15 days. Thus, Tirupati on South Central Railways has been identified as the first station in the area for the implementation of the “one station, one product” concept.

The One Station-One Product concept aims to promote a local product at each stop of the Indian Railways by making the railway station in this area a hub for the promotion and sale of the product.

The “One Station, One Product” concept was based on the successful One District One Product (ODOP) program. Based on a district’s strengths, ODOP has been a transformative step towards realizing a district’s true potential, fueling economic growth, generating employment and rural entrepreneurship. (KNN Office)

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